Hi, my name is Ingrid, and I’m a designer and design strategist boasting 15 years of hands-on design expertise and a decade of leadership experience overseeing teams.

In my view, design is the embodiment of creative problem-solving. It entails the ability to approach challenges from diverse perspectives and devise solutions that are not just innovative but also user-centric, playful, and enjoyable. My design philosophy is firmly grounded in catering to end users and conducting thorough research to discern their preferences and needs.

The facets of design hold a special place in my heart, from strategically positioning something novel to the iterative process of defining and honing a problem. While it can be demanding, the moments of insight and clarity that crystallize an idea, followed by collaborative efforts to bring it to market, are truly magical experiences.

You can explore a glimpse of my past work on this website, which also provides a window into my skill sets.

Ingrid Dragotta 2023