Howtoons History

In 2004, the inception of Howtoons was spearheaded by Saul Griffith, Joost Bonsen, and the artist Nick Dragotta. Their mission was to revolutionize instructional materials tailored for children. Four years later, I became part of the team, introducing the element of playful toy design to our projects. Our shared objective was to craft compelling content featuring interactive DIY projects, empowering kids to construct and learn.

Throughout the years, Howtoons been published through Harper Collins, Make magazine, Image Comics, and Scholastic Books.

Below are examples of our comics and projects.

Credits: My role was lead product designer and creative director. In addition to project design and book/magazine layout, I built and designed the projects, I built and maintained the website, and created video and marketing assets. Illustrations by Nick Dragotta. Science and engineering by Saul Griffith. 

Ingrid Dragotta 2023